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Questions are separated into three categories: Members, Vacation Rental advertisers and Business advertisers. Sub-categories are sorted alphabetically A-Z.


General: Who are you?

We are an online directory of businesses offering discounts and special offers to members in Law Enforcement, Military and Fire Fighter departments.

General: What do the membership card and key tags represent?

The membership card and key tags are proof of membership. They can be used as an alternative to I.D. and uniform. The card and key tag will act as evidence and proof that you are eligible for discounts.

General: How do I register for membership with you?

To begin registration, please click here.

General: Will my information be shared with third parties?

Absolutely not. Your information is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

General: Who qualifies for membership?

To see who is eligible for membership with, click here.

General: How will I know when my membership is processed?

You will receive an email from us immediately after registering explaning that we are processing for information for validity. You will receive an email 36-48 hours after registration stating whether or not you successfully have qualified for membership.


Vacation Rental Advertisers


Advertising: Why advertise my vacation rental with you?

One of the best reasons to advertise with us is the members you

will be showcasing you property to. You will have over 5 million members,

all receiving vacation time each year, who will be able to see your property.

All our members are able to toggle back and forth between discounts and

accommodations and can see what is available in exact areas.


Over Booked Referral Program: What is the Over Booked Referral Program?

The Over Booked Referral Program is a system where our vacation rental

advertisers can send in any referrals they cannot accommodate. Our concierge

will contact the referrals directly and help them find a booking. If the referral

successfully books via our sites, you will receive 5% of the overall booking.

Send the referrals to . Please include your

listing number when you send them, so we can credit you with the booking.


Over Booked Referral Program: How can I check my progress?

At the end of each month you will receive a report breaking down how many

referrals you have sent in, and the outcome of each one. If successful, you will

be notified and asked for the best address to send the check to. You can decide

whether you wish to be paid that month, or wait until more months pass.


Promotion: How can I make my property a “Featured Property?”

By making you property “Featured,” you will receive a green banner around your

listing, catching the eye of our members. Your listing will also be pushed to the top

of each listing area your listing is located in. For example, once featured you will be

at the top in: USA, FLORIDA, ORLANDO AREAS, ORLANDO. Your listing

will be at the top of each area making your property greatly visible. Special

pricing does apply depending on how long you wish to be a “Featured Property.” To

apply for a “Featured Property” or to learn more about price, either call

customer service or email Special circumstances may



Promotion: How can I run a “Hot Deal?”

A hot deal applies when you are running a special and wish to let our

members see that at a glance. A ribbon will be placed on your listing with the

words: “Hot Deal”. This will stand out to regular listings and grab the

members attention. This does not change your location on our website.

You will move no higher in the list or lower in the locations your property is

listed in. To apply for a “Featured Property” or to learn more about price, please

call customer service or email Special

circumstances may apply.


Promotion: How can I run an E-Mail blast?

Once you apply for an email blast, our art department will build you an email

advertisement. This will promote your property and show the best deals you offer.

The email will be sent to ALL our members on our website and is the best way to

grab their attention. To apply for email blasts or to learn more about pricing,

please call customer service or email


Website General: How do I log in?

Advertisers will be assigned their own personal user name and password once

their listing goes live which is typically 7 days after signing up. To sign in, go to our site and log in at the top of the page

exactly how a member of the site would.


Website General: How do I change my user name and password?

To change your user name and password, simply log in and click “change password”

at the bottom of the page. The rest of the information is explained from there.


Website General: Where can I give my feedback on the website?

If you have suggestions or feedback for the  website, please send

your input to: All suggestions and ideas

are greatly appreciated.


Business Advertisers


General: How would my company benefit from advertising with you?

Your company will be advertised to over 5 million service personnel. Our

members will be able to search for deals in specific areas. Once they come across

your listing, they can click on the listing for further details. They will receive

exact contact details and directions from our website. You will be able to make

all our members which include Police, Firefighters and Military all aware that

your company supports them and offers a discount, thus increasing your



General: Do I HAVE to accept the card?

Accepting the card is not a necessity to advertise on our site, although it is

strongly recommended that you do. Almost 68% of our website members

use the membership card. Also, 72% of searches on our site are for “discounts

that accept cards.” If you do not wish to accept the card, a table will be be viewable on your list where the card would usually be. The table will show what discounts are offered to police, military and fire fighters. It will also show what must be presented in order to receive the discount. (e.g. I.D.)


General: How can I track how much activity I have received?

We do not have a system that can keep count of how many

visits your page has received. You can monitor your progress by visitors to your

business who are card holders. If you have a link directly to your site, you can

also use online options to keep track of where the traffic is coming from.


Listing: What will my listing contain?

Each listing will show a logo of the company as well as additional photos showing

either food options, menus, or seating arrangements. You can have a link to your

website as well as any contact details. Each listing will have a “Google map" of the

exact location with directions on how to get there. Your listing will display the offers

you give to particular members which will be shown on a grid on both the inside

and outside view of your listing. If your company accepts the membership card,

your listing will display the discount offered to card holders.


Membership: What does the membership card symbolize or represent?

Membership cards are used as an alternative to our members having to wear uniforms or show police badges.