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Who Qualifies for Membership?

Employees who work in the serve and protect industry are eligible for membership, including those in the Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter Department, Military Branches and Veterans. Even everyday heroes such as Teachers and Nurses are now included!

If you are included in any of these categories, please feel free to register. Once registered, we will confirm that your particular profession is eligible for membership.

Law Enforcement (Both Active and Retired) 

US Marshals, Administrative Officers, ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), All City and State Officers, ATF (Alcohol Tobacco & Firearm), Auto Theft Officers, Bomb Squad, Border Patrol, Burglary, CIA, Community Relations, Correction Officers, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), Detectives, Dispatchers, Dive Team, FBI, Helicopter Patrols, Homicide Detectives, Internal Affairs, Juvenile Officers, K-9 Units, Missing Person Detectives, Motorcycle and bike Patrols, Narcotics, National Guards, NSA (National Security Agency), Parole Officers, Patrol Officers, Police Officers, School Resource Officers (Associated with a police organization), State Troopers, Support Personnel, SWAT Officers, Traffic Officers, and Vice Squad


Fire Fighter & Rescue Department (Both Active and Retired) 

Battalion Chief, Captain Officer, Chief Officer, Deputy Chief, EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians), Entry Fire Fighters, Engineer, Fire Chief, Fire Fighter, Fire Police, Hot Shot Fire Fighters, Lieutenants, Paramedics, Proximity Fire Fighters, Structure Fire Fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters and Wildland Fire Fighters


Military (Both Active and Retired) 

Active Duty, Air Force, Army Personnel, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, Marine Corps, National Guard, Navy, Reserves, Retired, and Veterans

Educators & More

Teachers and Nurses


This page is continuously revised.  Please contact member services for any questions.

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